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About Black Passion

Black Passion Band was created in May 2004 by Charles “Slink” Ongele. In June of that year, Charles’ older brother, Dalmas “Doc” Robinson joined the band, bringing more structure and organization. The band started at the all ages level, playing at places like the Neon, Suitland Dance Studio, and holding a weekly headline spot at the Culture Club in Temple Hills MD. Although starting as a band catering to the younger generations the band’s old school style of mastering traditional GOGO pocket’s & sockets, mixed with popular upbeat timbale grooves quickly led them into the 21+ market. This led to the band holding down over four weekly events opening up for Raw Image, TCB, Backyard Band, Lissen Band, and holding a Headline Spot at Lanham Inn. The Band played across the DMV, and many spot dates outside of the beltway, including college tours, covering over 10 HBCU’s yearly. The band parted ways in 2008, due to band members becoming older and many of the musicians lifestyles and personal goals changing.
In 2010 Black Passion Band was back on the scene, but this time the band was focused on creating a more mature sound. This version of the band was extremely diverse, and immediately took on the adult market, playing on U Street at Indulj, LIV & Expo Lounge. The band’s cast was an elite group of vocalist and musicians that had multiple talents. The Band finally had the recognition and the respect to be booked alongside many of the older bands in gogo that were deemed Grown & Sexy. This was something that many had never thought would happen for Black Passion. The band quickly got back to the grind, and began an unmatched run playing in the city’s most elite venues, and playing on some of the biggest shows in the genre. Unfortunately this version of the band had a short run and in 2012 Black Passion Band would once again take a break from gigging.
However in late 2013, Doc decided it was time for one last run for Black Passion. The band’s first official show back was NYE of 2013 at 12 Lounge on H Street. The band opened the show for the Legendary Sugar Bear & EU. After this re-introduction of the group, the band hit the ground running, backing national recording artists, and locking in shows with GOGO’s elite powerhouse groups for weekly and spot dates. The band would go on to play the 2014 CIAA tournament and performed the first of three straight appearances at the Official Miami Takeover with Wylie K & Friends that year.
Black Passion Band continues to bring great musicianship, stage presence and of course crank to audiences all over. Places like Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte have become frequent stops for this group of talented individuals. In November of 2017 Black Passion Band was featured on the Great Day Washington Show on WUSA9 as a part of their annual Black Friday program.
Bigger and better things are in store for this band so stay connected and follow our journey as the “Good Music Gang” entertains people all over the globe. Hope to see you at a show real soon. Peace.
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